Where we are: in the central area of Salento, among all of its splendours

Sucèa farmhouse is situated on the countryside periphery of Martano, on the way to Otranto, not far away from the historical Cistercian Monastery, whose rising up in the sky can be perfectly admired. This Monastery is famous in the whole region of Salento because of healing herbs and essences obtained with the meticulous work of its Monks , who still do it today, according to the century-old tradition. Martano is the most populated of the nine communes that constitute the Grecìa, that is a large area of Salento with its own cultural and linguistic-dialectal specificity that comes from Greece.  Central in the province of Lecce, the Grecìa is renowned, even in Salento, for the peculiarity of its uncontaminated nature, for the ancient and preserved beauty of its villages, for its respected and transmitted cultural and landscape richness, for its own linguistic, culinary and wine-and-food heritage.

Sucèa farmhouse is not only the ideal location for your sojourn in Salento, but also one of the best places that allows you to easily explore in detail the whole area of Salento, including all the different places and all the many experiences that it offers to visitors. From this point, you could immediately and easily reach every destination and every scenery of Salento, the seaside, both on the East Adriatic coast and on the West Ionic one, the North and the South of the whole province of Lecce.