Who we are: our philosophy

We are a family-run  farm holiday business, a very new reality, although it is founded on  the old Mediterranean concepts about the respectful relationship with the land and the guest, on the Salento lifestyle and hospitality, on those values and lifestyle typical of rural culture from Grecìa.

The main purpose of Sucèa is to achieve a productive life that could preserve the wise heritage of the Past, not in a static and conservative way, but, on the contrary, in a dynamic and variable one. So, in this way, it could receive the lifeblood from the ancient heritage and renew it in innovative and contemporary life- and-work experiences.

Our philosophy imply the effort to preserve our past, in order to reinvent our present, without being a nostalgic mind but, on the contrary, harmonizing our richness of history and experiences with our hopes for a sustainable future. We would contribute to realizing this kind of future, with no loss of cultural richness  which is part of our roots. The nature of the way we chose to go through, is new and old-aged, at the same time, both in our productive - farming activities and in our hospitality towards tourists.

So, in addition to an unforgettable sojourn,  we offer our visitors an overall experience, a new way of life, an alternative way of considering everyday life and holidays. Anyone who arrives in Sucèa is our guest, not our customer. He/She will be a well-accepted witness to our daily work and our simple and healthy lifestyle we put into practice with hospitality activity, with our genuine agricultural products farming, and with loving care of our animals.