Sucèa: its name and its symbol

Our farmhouse takes name from the ancient dialectal name griko of fig, fundamental element to the traditional rural economic of that place. Even if it was a largely cultivated  product, in our field as much as in nearby ones, today there are only few but valuable signs of the remote expanses of the generous fig tree.  Our location is one of the most ancient  and splendid sign. So, we decided to dedicate the name of our farmhouse to this tree, which was  witness to both labour and rewards of our peasant ancestors, to their simple and hard-working life in an endless harmony with Grecìa Salentina fertile land. In this way, we wanted to pay homage to an important symbol of farming culture.

The Sucèa tree is a symbol of our respectful approach to our ancient roots, that through the regenerated  green fronds of the fig, take  voice into the wind and whisper the eternal call of respect of the Past. It’s the Past that still produces and gives us the new fruits as rewards, by inspiring day by day our life and work philosophy, and by invigorating it with its own maternal and protective shadow.  Today like yesterday, Sucèa shadow refreshes after hard work in hot weather, and protect from sun rays the typical dry stone buildings at the foot of the tree: the “furnieddhu” or “pagghiara”, that was the small house where a farming family used to live until the end of 70s, the domestic bakery and the cistern. All of these buildings , dated back to the XIX century, are typical, well preserved examples of rural architecture, that still characterizes this area of Puglia.