Guests’ houses 

The household compound of our farmhouse, in addition to the house with traditional vaults, reserved for people who permanently live and work here, includes 4 spacious independent houses for guests, two of which have also an independent kitchen. As they are rigorously built with construction materials typical of the architectural local tradition, following its building shapes, its models, its way to organize spaces, houses are organized to host a number of beds in privacy and with the maximum comfort, according to the specific needs of our guests. All of the houses, with their high wood ceilings, are finely furnished and well-lighted, air-conditioned and with stylish bathrooms as much as all mod cons. Furthermore, they have direct and independent access to farmhouse garden and green area.


What to do in Sucèa farmhouse… 

You will be  absorbed in peaceful and silent countryside, hearing only the horse neigh, the cicada chirping under  sunlight, and the cricket one under silver moonlight. You will be surrounded by olive groves expanses, refreshed by the sea breeze from the nearby Adriatic. In this relaxed atmosphere offered by our expansive farmhouse countryside, you could appreciate absolute quiet and privacy, scented red and fertile land and taste genuine fruits and vegetables, grown under the paternal gaze of the majestic Sun. Furthermore, in Sucèa, you could enrich your spirit with colours and essences of its own garden flowers, with expanses of grass green, with the savage beauty of a nearby wood, with the childlike amusement of a recreation ground you could easily reach by bike, with the contact with our animals, such as horses, the strong carthorses  Martinesi, and the American mounting horses Quarter Horse, all of them docile and  accurately selected, suitable for anyone, at any age, who would approach to them.


 …and in the surrounding area 

From Sucèa farmhouse you could quickly jump to the uncontrolled rhythm made by tambourines, into the whirling circles of dancers and “frenzied dances” such as Pizzica and Taranta, that characterize the excitement of squares in small towns such as Martano or other ones not far away. You could taste the local surf and turf specialities in the innumerable food festivals in small towns and lose your way among the splendours of Baroque architecture and the Medieval winding and narrow streets. You could also go for a hike through olive groves expanses, fill with prehistoric archaeological signs and with mysterious and holy stones, called Dolmen and Menhir. If not satisfied, you could also absolutely relax on neighbouring beaches, that you can quickly reach, or enjoy the night and day entertainment, in Lecce city or in the many lively localities on the seaside with its lighted, colourful and constant walk for free time. These localities will welcome you with their innumerable clubs and disco for night life, with many long beaches, well equipped in order to offer you the pleasure of pristine water during daytime, of an happy hour on the beach, with the wonderful sunset on the Ionic Sea, and of different kind of music that make you dance until the sunrise at the Adriatic Sea.